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Why Mt Ruapehu Skiing is better than anywhere else

You may have heard friends or family talk about their experience at Mt Ruapehu - saying it the place for snow-ventures in NZ. Well, they are right. It really is a experience you have to do, with natural attractions, and touristy activities for all to enjoy. Let me explain some of them:

  • Skiing and Boarding on a Volcano - unlike most places you can ski, Mt Ruapehu is a live volcano, meaning the terrian on what the snow sits on is a mixture of flat stretch's of piste, naturally formed hops, jumps and tricky terrian, to skiing off nearly vertical cliffs. Other ski areas are simply grass hills.... and that just doesnt sound cool... "i went skiing on a hill". But... "i went skiing on a VOLCANO", well thats likely to get some attention!

  • Pictures for the instagram - Well I can guarantee you, you will get some of the best pics for your instagram you have ever seen. From the top facilites at Mt Ruapehu, you get some amazing views of the countryside - stretching nearly to the coast of the North Island.

  • Something for everyone - whether your planning to heli ski, or just take the kids for a trip to happy valley, Mt Ruapehu has two world class ski areas, and surrounding attractions to keep everyone entertained

  • Yes, shopping - Mt Ruapehu is surrounded by some great shopping destinations - especially if you are after outdoor gear such as ski's, boards, jackets, pants etc. Towns such as Turangi, Tokaanu, Ohakune & Taupo offer a range of accomadation as well.

  • Legendary locals - If you are ever stuck, or have questions, ask any local from around the community, and they will point you in the right direction.

So lets get you up the volcano this winter! You don't want to miss out on some of NZ's best skiing this season. Make sure you support your local towns by visiting the local attractions, and visit a range of high class facilities that the towns have to offer. Also, make sure you prep correctly for your trip. Your not going to a shopping mall in Auckland, but instead 2000 meters in the sky - so dont rock up in your jandals (trust me, I've seen it all).

A few good resources for booking your holiday can be found here:

Hope to see you up the volcano sometime this winter season!

Jordan Palmer

Mt Ruapehu local & Operator at Tokaanu Ski and Board


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